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ODM(Designing Services)

Our ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) service is aimed at customers who wants to turn their ideas into working models to give them a complete overview of technical and financial aspects of their dream product.

Service Centres

Have an idea of importing/distributing products from overseas, we are here on your side. Collaborate with us to jump start your product launch leaving "after-sales-service" to our part with our widespread network of service centers across the districts of Andhra pradesh & Telangana.

Electronic Manufacturing Services(EMS)

We undertake the Assembling/ Packaging/ Quality Control stages of products developed at overseas or other ODM providers and deliver on-time finished products leveraging our large network of assembling units with skilled manpower at very affordable costs.

Printed Circuit Boards(PCB's)

We offer PCB (Printed Circuit Board), PCBA (PCB Assembly) and other electronic services like 3D printing, PCB layout designing  for prototyping. We promise fabrication with low cost, quick time and 100% quality. We're makers of single, double & multi-layer printed circuit boards.

Re-Engineering Works

Copy rights free and obsolete products/ designs from other manufacturers and companies having discontinued their service support can be re-engineered to provide service and also to produce new products. Our state-of-art testing tools help us in tracing designs effectively and accurately.

Industrial Training

Are your industry upgrading Technologies/ Equipment/ Machinery..? How about providing industrial training about new processes to our existing manpower.? We are here to see through your difficulties in upgrading skills and getting accustomed to new methods.