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Block Diagram Maker
October 30, 2017

Block Diagram Designer Guide

Hi, how is your day.?

Yes, I know the look on your face.! What the hell you speaking.? we are here to draw and download block diagrams and you are wasting our time…? Sorry for this delay, but having a little rapport between us will soften things, I think -:) Alright, here are some of the templates you can download to start drawing your block diagrams. If you want any other models as well, please ping us, we will look into them. Let’s get started,

  1. Simple microcontroller Project (uC, LCD, Sensors, Power Supply, general outputs-buzzer/relay/motor etc).
  2. Transmitter & Receiver Project (Two nodes: Tx-sensors, transmitter, power supply, LCD. / Rx-receiver, devices & drivers, LCD).
  3. IoT based Project (Power supply, uC, Sensors, LCD, WiFi, IoT platform).
  4. Raspberry Pi Project (Raspberry Pi, Interfaces, Webcam, GPIO).

This block diagram maker is an excellent work by the guys at

  • If you want to get started from scratch or above templates, open the draw (Opens in new tab).
  • Select the cloud storage service or local storage(Device). You can select this later also(observe “Decide Later” button below).
  • Select either new diagram (or) existing diagram and open your downloaded templates.
  • If you have opened our templates, go ahead and start editing the names of modules according to your project components.
  • If you have selected “new diagram”, select other form left menu and pick first block diagram (preferred for projects) and click “create”.
  • Use your ‘arrow keys’ to ‘move the grid’, ‘Alt+mouse’ wheel to ‘Zoom in’ & ‘Zoom out’.
  • After you have the modifications, save the file by selecting ‘File’ menu and then ‘export as’ option.
  • By default, it saves as ‘.xml’ file so that you can modify later. Save that ‘.xml’ file also.

Block Diagram Designer