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ESP8266 is a low cost Wi-Fi chip originally developed by Espressif from china. It has various versions of implementations by Espressif themselves and from Ai-thinker. You can get more info about the ‘ ESP’ in their wiki page here. Arduino is the most user-friendly programming platform for both the students and makers around the world and with support for […]

Block Diagram Maker
October 30, 2017

Hi, how is your day.? Yes, I know the look on your face.! What the hell you speaking.? we are here to draw and download block diagrams and you are wasting our time…? Sorry for this delay, but having a little rapport between us will soften things, I think -:) Alright, here are some of […]

Purpose of Academic Projects
October 29, 2017

Education is the combination of both theoretical studies & practical implementation. There are many issues that can’t be taught in the classrooms and also hands-on experience covers diverse aspects of education. When involved in academic projects, Students will be faced to real world problems like material selection(platform or microcontroller or language etc….) availability of sources, […]